With the pretty outfit, jewelry accessories are also necessary to add charm to your overall look. The jewelry market is too big like a single product has varieties too. There are many wholesale fashion jewelry products available to style up for different occasions. Let's organize the jewelry wardrobe with occasional styles. For example, you can style up the gold plated necklace at dinner night or get styled the dangling gold plated anklets with casual parties. Here we gather some stylish jewelry pieces to style up at different events. Let's take a look.  


Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Pieces to Style up At Different Occasions


  • For Wedding Party 

A wedding occasion can be your friends or cousins, then go for some sparkling jewelry to wrap with an ethnic dress. Like you can style up the shiny diamond necklace or stone bracelets for the wedding event. You can try out the birthstone jewelry as well. But a piece of jewelry should match your clothing, so carefully choose the shiny diamonds or pearls to wear at wedding parties. Not too much glittery or not too light. Your jewelry accessory should reflect your traditional or non-traditional clothing. 

  • Business Party 

For business or formal events, most of us prefer to wear classic and minimalist jewelry pieces. You can go with some timeless jewelry pieces like pearls. Or you can try out the vintage jewelry pieces as well. Wear eye-catchy jewelry pieces so you can easily catch your attention. 

  • Jewelry for Hangouts 

For casual hangouts with friends, style the customized jewelry pieces. You might be gonna wear a denim dress or jumpsuits for the day or night hangouts. For that, layer up the gold chains with a customized name necklace piece. And, also try the gold plated anklets with your jeans and top. With the rise of the customized jewelry market, there are a lot of varieties available for a specific wholesale fashion jewelry piece. You can easily style up the customized jewelry pieces with your casual and fashionable look. 

  • For Festive Season 

Pull out your jewelry wardrobe this festive season. You can try all dangling earrings and statement necklace pieces in the festive season. Statement jewelry is much more trendy in women's fashion than go for it. There is no necessity to wear only statement jewelry with the bold dress, jewelry has no rules. You can casually wear the gold plated necklace piece with your heavy dress too. You can go with your taste to wear multiple fashion accessories for your festive look. 

  • Casual Look 

Women mostly have the question of what to wear with casual style. So, ladies, you have plenty of wholesale fashion jewelry options to choose from. For the casual look, you can wear minimalist jewelry pieces like a tiny little stud, hereditary necklace, bangle or cuff bracelets, name bracelets, gold plated anklets, and a piece of gold plated necklace. Kaash provides many stylish designs for a piece of gold plated necklace. 

  • Work Wear Jewelry 

For formal wear, try to wear simple but chic jewelry pieces. Yes, you can wear your wedding bands with formal clothing. Try to avoid the big and chunky jewelry pieces during office hours. Wear wholesale fashion jewelry pieces like charm bracelets, initial pendants, and gold plated anklets that will match your professional look. 

  • Family Dinners

What for family gets together? Wear hoops earrings with a gold plated necklace that will glam up your look at the family dinner party. You can also go with long chain necklaces if you are wearing high-neckline dresses. If you wish to try some more fancy then, try out the mix and match combination. You can mix and match the gold-plated necklace piece with different chains. 


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  • Date Night 

And for the special night, try sparkling jewelry like diamonds and gemstones that will easily catch your date's attention. If you like ring accessories the most, then go for stackable rings. With your red dress, diamond jewelry will suit perfectly to glam up the night. You can go with a diamond necklace, tiny little studs, and tennis bracelets. 

  • Long Trips 

Yes, there are wholesale fashion jewelry pieces available to put on vacations or trips. With your well-dressed look, add up the beaded jewelry to rock on long vacations or trips. Beads jewelry is playful to wear on trips or hangouts. You can also try some simple jewelry pieces like gold plated anklets or chain bracelets to wear on vacations. Style the beads bracelets and necklaces for your vacation trips. Wear stylish and not much heavy jewelry, so you can feel comfortable and enjoy the trip. 

It is all the wholesale fashion jewelry pieces to style upon different occasions.