Women have a great fashion jewelry collection always. They are always excited to try some trendy and fancy jewelry. Kaashusa provides a better wholesale fashion jewelry collection that will add glamour to your fashion style. Sometimes, it's a bit tough thing to choose the best outfit from several designs. The same things happened while selecting a piece of jewelry to define your fashion way. 


A Guide on Combining Stylish Jewelry Pieces In Proper Way


  • Select the Outfit for Occasion 

    First of all, it's necessary to choose your outfit based on the occasion you are going to attend. Like heavily beaded dress doesn't require any jewelry. Or, with formal outfits, you can pair hoops and a piece of gold plated necklace. If your dress is much glittery or highlighting, then try to wear minimalist jewelry.  

    Furthermore, if your outfit is fashionable, then try some statement pieces to stand out as the best even in the crowd. Always pick a jewelry piece that impacts your clothing style much well. So choosing a clothing form for the occasion is necessary. After that, you can style wholesale fashion jewelry pieces. 


    • The Combination of Mixed Metals 

      As we know, mix and match jewelry are trending in men's and women's fashion. You also try to match different metals and materials for a particular jewelry piece. As the jewelry rule says, silver matches with only silver jewelry are totally out of the way. So don't be hesitant to mix and match different materials.  

      Well, the gold and silver combination is a perfect metal combination for every time. Or you can experiment with multi types of jewelry materials you have. Like you can casually go for wearing multiple bangles at the same time. 


      • Less is Effective 

        Less is more, is much more effective when you are attending a formal event. In the kaashusa online jewelry store, you will find many minimalist wholesale fashion jewelry pieces to add to your fashion jewelry collection. Style the small and light-weighted jewelry pieces with your casual fashion style. 

        Like you can wear small gold studs and a gold plated necklace wholesale with your casual jeans and top. Wearing extra jewelry is also cool, but it only affects when you do it properly. Like your extra jewelry pieces don't have to look messy. Otherwise, minimalist wholesale fashion jewelry is perfect. 


        • Combination of Colors 

          Looking for the color of your outfit is also a thing to consider before styling. Paring a piece of light jewelry with dark apparel will give a better output. So try to combine dark and light clothing and accessory. You can combine beads and seashell jewelry with light colors. Use pearl jewelry with fashion and western wear. And the gold plated necklace wholesale with your every black and white dress. Rather, you can combine jewelry metals with your likes and dislikes. 


          • Style the Layer Necklaces 

            Necklaces are a pretty cool fashion accessory that catches attention at very first. For wearing a specific gold plated necklace, you also have to consider the necklace length with your outfit's neckline. Otherwise, your necklace will not be going to show up. The layering trend is here to glam up your everyday look.  

            By layering different chains, and necklaces you can create a better fashion statement. For layered neck jewelry, you can wear gold chains with a pendant or gold plated necklace wholesale Or you can style only multiple chains as well. For a chic jewelry touch, you can add mixed materials. 


            • Combine Rings and Bracelets 

              To combine bracelets and rings, you can try both statement and minimalist jewelry pieces. You can wear the bold gemstone bracelets with cuffs and charm bracelets. And for bracelets, if you are trying tennis bracelets or statement bracelets, go with stackable rings. So the thing is to make one piece simple and the other one eye-catchy. With that, your hand jewelry will highlight. It's not necessary to wear rings and bracelets at the same time. You can casually pair rings and bracelets in one hand or both.  

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              • Style Your Watch Accessory with Bracelets 

                Yes is also a possible way to combine bracelets with a watch. But do not stack many bracelets with the Watch. The thought of less is effective, much applicable with the combination of watch accessories. So wear some classic and small bracelets to combine with the Watch, and don't overdo it. You can use charms, chain bracelets, or bangle bracelets with the Watch. In kaashusa, you will get many of the wholesale fashion jewelry pieces to try. 


                • Try Out the Statement Jewelry 

                    The Less is effective thought is valid but not to use every time. The bold and statement jewelry is also classy to style with your different outfits. There are many pieces of statement necklaces, earrings, and bracelets available to try out. The bold and statement jewelry gives some out-of-the-box looks. You surely have to try statement jewelry pieces to improve your outward appearance and create better fashion taste.  

                    It's all the things to consider before styling your gorgeous jewelry pieces with different clothing and occasions. For wholesale fashion jewelry shopping, invest in timeless jewelry pieces. Like a piece of pearls or gold plated necklace.

                    So that you don't have to create a new jewelry collection with fresh trends. Your invested jewelry piece will not go out to fashion. Explore the huge collection of trendy jewelry pieces with kaashusa. You can shop for bulk wholesale fashion jewelry pieces with us at the minimum price rates.