Women would like to buy jewelry on special occasions. There are different varieties of jewelry available in our Kaash wholesale jewelry store. 

For the new year, people want to bring some gifts and happiness come in their homes. Many people buy some expensive and chic jewelry on the occasion of the new year. Women would like to style up their new jewelry accessories with stylish outfits on new year's day. In the wholesale jewelry market, various fashionable jewelry products are available. Nowadays, with regular jewelry, women also like to make customized jewelry.

Women are always fond of fashion jewelry, and they have the latest collection of chic jewelry. Not only women but some men also like to wear jewelry. Kaash provides you latest fashionable pieces of jewelry designs for men and women. You are looking best jewelry pieces for a new year party here, with different varieties like gold plated bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, rings, sterling silver jewelry, rosaries, pendants, chains, watches, and many other pieces of jewelry. 


Trending Wholesale Jewelry pieces for Style up from Kaash store


  • Gold plated Bracelets:

    Gold plating jewelry looks beautiful on auspicious days. These gold plated bracelets suit shirts, dresses, office wear, casual wear, or occasional wear whatever outfits you carry. 

    We have gold-plated bracelets collections like adjustable bracelets, moon bracelets, love bracelets, ID bracelets, stainless steel bracelets, magnet bracelets, charm bracelets, evil eye bracelets, infinity bracelets, bangle bracelets, thread bracelets, beaded bracelets, flower bracelets, heart bracelets, and many more.

    • Pendant:

    Pendants are the most preferred piece of wholesale jewelry for men and women. We have various patterns and designs available for pendants. If you don't like to wear gold and silver necklaces, then long chain pendants are gorgeous to wear. Pendants for men, women, and also for kids are available. 

    We provide you with a great collection of pendants that suits all ages persons. We have sterling silver hamsa pendants, Jesus pendants, Guadalupe, San Jesus, flower pendants, heart pendants, boys, girls, gold plated religious pendants, CZ pendants, multilayer pendants, and many other pendants are available in our wholesale jewelry store.

    • Hip Hop Jewelry:

    Wearing hip-hop jewelry gives a statement look. All the scenario related to jewelry is completely changed nowadays. Wearing jewelry by men is the best thing. Many singers, dancers, actors, and celebrities wear hip-hop necklaces, rings, and bracelets. In wholesale jewelry, hip-hop jewelry is trending. Hip-hop jewelry is a great way to signify prosperity and class. It is unisex jewelry. 

    • Gold Plated Rings:

    Gold plated rings are affordable and nearby natural gold rings. We have various styles and collections of gold plated rings. There are beautiful pieces of rings like full stone rings, Seminario Anillo heart san judas, animal rings, butterfly rings, an evil eye with stones, initial with diamonds ring, san Benito Seminario ring, CZ rings, and religious rings available in Kaash wholesale jewelry store. You can stack your fashionable metallic rings with gold plated rings.

    • Custom Jewelry:

    Kaash provides you with custom jewelry also for men, women, and kids. You can engrave your name, message, or initials on the necklace, rings, earrings, or bracelets. Custom jewelry is trendy jewelry nowadays. Every woman and man is fond of custom jewelry. We have various fashionable designs and patterns for making your jewelry more stylish and elegant. 

    • Gold Plated Earrings:

    Earrings are eye-catching jewelry of women's fashion jewelry. We have various collections of different styles of earrings. Kaash has a fantastic collection of gold plated earrings like charm earrings, evil eye earrings, hoop earrings, cuff earrings, filigree earrings, telephone earrings, studs, and dream catcher earrings, fish hook earrings, and more others.

    • Stainless Steel Bracelets:

    Kaash offers you different colors of stainless steel bracelets for men and women. If you have gold-plated bracelets and want to try other material bracelets then, stainless steel bracelets are the best option. We have three colors of stainless steel bracelets black, pink, yellow, and white. These stainless steel bracelets are the most selling product in wholesale jewelry.

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    • Gold Plated Necklaces:

    Necklaces are the most appealing jewelry in fashion jewelry collections for women. Necklaces give complement and glam up to your look. Choosing the right necklace that matches your outfit is more necessary. Kaash provides you wide range of gold plated necklaces and pendants. There are Eifel tower necklace sets, evil eye necklace, heart CZ necklace, butterfly necklace, evil eye necklace, san judas necklace, turtle necklace set, and different pendant sets.

    • Rings:

    As we know, rings are the most gifted jewelry to our loved ones. Gold plated rings are the top of the trending fashion accessories. We have different rings like the custom ring, evil eye rings, chain band rings, butterfly rings, lady CZ rings, and many more rings for women and men. As per your preferences, you can customize your rings with us.

    • Sterling Silver Anklets:

    Anklets add charm to the beauty of women's jewelry. Wearing anklets with different outfits enhances the beauty of the ankle. Kaash has a wide range of sterling silver anklets. We have sterling silver, CZ stones anklets, and gold plated anklets in various designs and patterns. 

    There are many other products you can wear in the new year 2022. Kaash is a wholesale jewelry store that offers you different varieties of metallic jewelry. For more information, visit our oro laminado and sterling silver jewelry collection.